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Bird Watching

The North York Moors provides the perfect location to pursue bird watching. The moors are protected as an official National Park ensuring that the bird habitats are left largely undisturbed by human intervention. There are plenty of sanctuaries and permanent hides for spotters to make use of and enthusiasts can take part in organised bird watching walks. Birds are taken very seriously in this region, a detailed map of bird watching locations is published online by the York Ornithological Club and Birdline Northeast provides a 24-hour answer phone service providing the latest news on bird movements in the region (except protected species).

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Filey Dams Nature Reserve

Filey, Yorkshire Coast

Filey Dams Nature Reserve is home to a fantastic number of species, with birds, insects and small mammals making their homes among the freshwater wetlands. The wonderful plants and flowers attract...

Falconry UK Birds of Prey Centre

Thirsk, Vale of York

The Falconry UK Birds of Prey Centre based in Thirsk is a spectacular day out for all the family. Feel the excitement as these magnificent birds take to the skies and return time and time again....

Forge Valley Woods National Nature Reserve

Scarborough, North York Moors

Forge Valley National Nature Reserve supports an abundant variety of wildlife. The woodlands are alive with bird life, insects and wild flowers, have charming riverside boardwalks and a geology trail...

North Yorkshire Moors Wildlife

Pickering, North York Moors

The North York Moors is an area rich in wildlife. The diverse areas of landscape include the dense shrubbery of the moors and wide expanses of coastline with sand dunes and wetlands, which all make...

Duncombe Park National Nature Reserve

York, North York Moors

Duncombe Park National Nature Reserve is an exceptional area of flora filled woodland, and is home to a vast number of birds, insects and small mammals. The park has a shop and a tea room serving...

North Yorkshire Moors Bird Watching

Pickering, North York Moors

The North York Moors and surrounding areas are a haven for birds and wildlife. The diverse landscape offers ideal nesting and breeding conditions for hundreds of sea birds, waders and rare species of...

York Ornithological Club

York, Vale of York

The York Ornithological Club organises field trips for members and non members interested in bird watching. There are regular monthly day trips and ad hoc evening trips. A monthly indoor evening...

Sutton Bank Visitor Centre & Cafe

Thirsk, North York Moors

Sutton Bank Visitor Centre is a great place to spend the day. Walkers and cyclists will appreciate the wildlife and surrounding scenery, which is breathtaking. There is so much to see and do. The...


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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 results