St. James' Square


Located just of the A1 in the Vale of York, Boroughbridge is a pretty town with lots of attractions. Equidistant between Edinburgh and London with the town is perfect for travellers and with its rich historical heritage it might just entice you to stay longer.

The central attraction of Boroughbridge can be found on the outskirts of the town. The Devil's Arrow which can be traced back to the Bronze Age consists of three standing stones. The stones are definitely worth checking out as they are a historical enigma, neglected for centuries and many theories have been formed regarding their existence

The town itself also has plenty to offer with lovely cobbled street and a market square at the south end. There are plenty of...

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Lizzie Shepherd Photography

Boroughbridge, Vale of York

Based in North Yorkshire Lizzie Shepherd offers a superb selection of landscape and travel photographs from her native Yorkshire, Scotland, Europe and further afield. Lizzie also offers a...

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