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26th August 2016

Abandoned mine railway to be restored.

A Historic Victorian mine railway located near to Pickering is to benefit from substantial restoration in the near future. Rosedale Mineral Railway used to deliver Ironstone to the area for almost 100 years, between 1830 and 1929.

As part of a wider improvement scheme for the area, the North York's Moors National Park Authority will look to restore approximately 35 metres of the railway. The work was recently approved at a planning meeting, to repair damage caused by a landslip. Work will see 35 metres of the track near to Rosedale East excavated to allow the track to be rebuilt and the track to be properly re-established.

The work will be undertaken as part of the "This Exploited Land" initiative. The idea is to regenerate and restore the local area to a higher standard. It will benefit a number of projects around the Moors with the help of National Lottery funding.

The Heritage officer from "This Exploited Land", Doctor Louise Cook said "The approval will enable us to provide repairs to the old Rosedale Railway."

The Doctor went on to express her "shock" of knowing that the natural sites were part of "extraordinary industrial expansion", back in the day.

Once the works have been carried out, it will give visitors the chance to explore the local history of the mine railway in depth.

As part of the project, there will also be woodland and water courses, identifying wildlife and surveys to generate information as to why people visit the area.