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3rd March 2016

Flying Scotsman to visit the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

It may be from a time gone by but steam trains hold a magic all of their own that can never be taken over by technology.  You are transported back to the golden age of steam travel, when comfort was the maxim of the train companies, not how many tickets they can sell for an already packed train.

 There is no such thing as standing on a steam train, you sit in luxury in chairs that are more likely to be in a living room these days, your table will have a little reading lamp, the table will have a white linen tablecloth upon it and a waiter will bring you a top class lunch.  And to think this used to be the normal way to travel.

The Flying Scotsman has been restored to its former glory, many years of pain staking work have been put into this project as well as just over four million pounds and for a lot less than that, you can be one of the lucky people who could enjoy a return journey from the 12 - 20th March 2016. 

Grosmont will be the point of pick up for the three daily return journeys that will take place during the above mentioned dates.  Tickets will be sold quickly as you will have seen the popularity of this train on the National news programmes.

For those who cannot actually partake in the journey, just to see the Flying Scotsman flying by is a sight to behold, people will stand along the route waiting for it to come along puffing out its famous plumes of smoke, they will wave at you, it is like a scene from the Railway Children, it is truly a delight to behold and an even bigger delight to be a part of.