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19th October 2015

Goth Festival comes to Whitby

It is like Christmas it comes once a year but unlike Christmas it isn't just for a day, it's for the weekend, the 30th of October to 1st November to be precise and if you are into your music, you won't really want to miss this one.

It started back into 1994 for people of the Goth following, people who liked to dress all in black, head to toe, make up included, but their music was not what would be described as black and eventually the word spreads that "Hey it's the Goth Festival Whitby".  Not that Whitby ever needed to be put on the map, but it is definitely an extra boost for "out of season" hoteliers and bars etc.

Now, anyone who is or is not anyone attends, it offers all genres.  This year we have Altered Images, Spear of Destiny, Bad Pollyana, In Isolation and many more. There are 120 stalls to stretch your legs around, from art stalls to stalls with various periods of vintage clothing, armouries to armour, jewellery, books and of course food stalls.

Whitby offers a vast choice of accommodation but it is not the biggest place in the world and it will and does book up quite quickly, so if you wish to join in the fun this October, best to find a bed to lay on first. 

Whitby of course has its own claim with Dracula and ghost's walks can be taken in the evening to add to the atmosphere, Captain Cook is another historic resident of Whitby with a museum in his honour.

People never tire of Whitby and even if you don't come for the Whitby Goth Weekend the whole place is alive with music everywhere, so get your dancing shoes on and come to Whitby, a fabulous resort on the Yorkshire Coast.