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31st October 2012

Holgate sails away with best roundabout award!

The village of Holgate near York has won a unique and prestigious award for the best roundabout in Britain. The roundabout is home to a magnificently renovated 18th century windmill complete with a full new set of sails, paid for by the fundraising of local residents.

The village of Holgate boasts the last remaining windmill in York and the remarkable positioning of it could not be more amazing. Taking up a prominent site in the middle of a residential estate, the entire roundabout consists of the magnificent old mill, which has been carefully restored and brought back to life thanks to the efforts of the Holgate Windmill Preservation Society.

New sails were fitted in 2011 after ten years of fundraising by the 600 enthusiastic members of the society who are clearly delighted to have received such an accolade. The four storey high Grade II listed building is the villagers pride and joy and has been praised as a dramatic and unique work of art by the Roundabout Appreciation Society.

In honour of the award a photograph of the roundabout and its mill will front the 2013 Roundabout Preservation Society calendar, which will feature a collection of other spectacular roundabouts from around the country.

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