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23rd January 2014

North Yorkshire wildlife lovers pining for rare mammals!

The rare pine martin is fast becoming a creature that is uppermost in many wildlife lovers minds and a new project in North Yorkshire is aiming to find out just how many there are living and breeding in this area.

Using innovative Bushnell cameras which can operate unmanned for a whole year and capture live video footage and photographs of any mammals and birds passing by 24 hours a day, the project aims to gain as much information as possible about these delightful creatures.

A crowd funding site, Indiegogo, have managed to raise £1500 in funding from wildlife supporters all over the world, allowing this important project to install camera traps throughout potential forest hot spots within the North Yorkshire Moors. Wildlife experts working with the forestry commission believe that they have captured some evidence of the existence of pine martins and hope to set up more cameras in other forests to find out more. Monitoring the footage will prove invaluable in the quest to help protect and increase the numbers of these rare carnivores and their North Yorkshire habitat.

For further details of the project visit www.nature-spy.co.uk.