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10th April 2013

Vulcanicity for Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway!

Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway are to receive an historic Vulcan steam locomotive as a gift from Yorkshire Water in a bid to ensure that the engine is kept in North Yorkshire to be enjoyed by enthusiasts from all over the world.

The engine was built in the 1940's and was a working engine for the company at their Bradford treatment works until 1972. In has recently been used to delight passengers at the Abbey Light Railway at Kirkstall near Leeds, where it has been operating since being loaned out after it's decommissioning. The eight tonne engine was originally built by Rushton and Hornsby and is a two foot gauge model. Railway and steam enthusiasts are expected to be both excited and delighted when it makes its appearance later in the year, it is due to be put on display early in May and will undoubtedly attract many visitors. Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway is entirely run by volunteers and they too are thrilled by this generous donation to their collection.