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19th January 2015

Young Entrepreneur launches his 'Just Jelly'

At the age of 22 Ryan Tindall of Hawkser has launched his own company - Just Jelly, starting from his kitchen at home. His Gran was the original inspiration for the business having spent his childhood years watching her make her own mint jelly. Ryan uses recipes based on traditional ones with modern modifications. His range of jellies are suitable for vegetarians as he uses an alternative to gelatine to set the jelly.

The current range includes rosemary, mint, port and the most popular flavour which is beetroot. This especially has been proven to be a perfect accompaniment to chocolate cake, pate and cheese. The savoury jellies can be used in soups, stews, with fish dishes or simply added to gravy. The pots retail at £2.50 and keep the packaging simple with a traditional look.

Although Ryan had showed his jellies at smaller events his big break came when he displayed his wares at the BBC Good Food Show at Olympia. It was there he picked up lots of contacts with delis and others in the trade. He was selected as one of 12 small businesses to talk to Parliament about how fibre optic broadband had enhanced his business.

The young businessman completed a course in business studies at school and since then has devoted a huge amount of time in creating his own brand of jellies. This included registering his own kitchen, and labelling with the county council authorities to attain their approval.

Ryan's ambition for the coming year is to have his jellies stocked in one of the major supermarkets and also to produce larger tubs of jellies for the catering industry. By using natural ingredients and with a shelf life of two years, traditional packaging and most importantly the backing of his Gran, the future looks bright for Ryan and his Just Jellies company.