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Bothams Tea Rooms
Whitby, Yorkshire Coast

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Fine Produce from Bothams of Whitby
Bothams of Whitby

Bothams Tea Rooms offer a special treat to customers. The finest home baked cakes and pastries in Whitby are served from Bothams traditional craft bakery, which has been in the family for generations. The lovely tea rooms are well worth a visit. 

Beautiful tea rooms in Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast, offering only the finest home made baked goods. Over 140 Years of baking excellence including finest quality North Yorkshire cakes, hampers, biscuits and plum bread.

Since 1865, Elizabeth Botham & Sons has been a family run craft bakery in the ancient port of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast. Following our original recipes, the finest ingredients are skillfully combined to produce Biscuits, Plum Bread and Cakes of the highest possible standard.

Go to Whitby, find a spare seat in Botham's busy tea-rooms, then enjoy the snack of the gods.... Botham's, where the waitresses wear white lace pinnies, is the Queen of English tea-rooms. A tasty slice of Brack is just the thing to fill the mid-morning gap in a hungry tum...Yorkshire Brack, washed down by a cup or two of Resolution Tea.

"One slice of sticky ginger brack, speckled with plump golden sultanas and succulent nuggets of Australian stem ginger, will convince any self-respecting lotus-eater of their worth.... Chock-a-block with tea-soaked sultanas and currants, it looks and tastes like something Bertie Wooster might have enjoyed".

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Bothams Tea Rooms
East Yorkshire
YO21 3AH
+44 (0) 1947 602823
+44 (0) 1947 820269

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