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Captain Cook Country
Whitby, Yorkshire Coast

Details for Captain Cook Country

Captain Cook is one of the most famous sons of North Yorkshire who changed the history of the world by his amazing navigation skills and sense of adventure. The stretch of the North Yorkshire coast from Whitby in the south, and up to the River Tees in the north has become known as Captain Cook Country.

There are numerous monuments and historic sights to be found throughout the area which are filled with interesting facts and relics which tell the story of his life.

The village of East Marton is where Captain James Cook was born, in a small clay cottage back in 1728. The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum is a fascinating place to visit and stands in Stewart Park. The museum houses a great collection of information and memorabilia including a granite urn which has been standing on the site of the original cottage since 1858. St Cuthbert's Church is where James was baptised and the records are still to be found in the church register. The village has a number of shops and eateries and a traditional village pub.

The village of Staithes is where at 16 years of age Captain Cook moved to live and work as a shop apprentice. The picturesque fishing village nestles below the cliffs in a delightful sheltered harbour filled with narrow streets and rows of pretty cottages. There are numerous small shops, galleries and cafes within the village, and ‘Captain Cooks Cottage' stands in memory of this great man.

The lure of the sea was to become the most important part of James's life and he gave up his job and moved to the nearby town of Whitby to live and work for a local family of ship owners. The house in which he lived is now the site of the ...


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