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Cliffords Tower
York, Vale of York

Details for Cliffords Tower

Cliffords Tower attracts visitors to the site to experience the breathtaking views over the City Of York. The imposing remains of York Castle are set upon a hill, high above the City. Full of historical interest the tower is well worth a visit.  

Set high above the heart of Old York, this imposing tower is almost all that remains of York Castle, which was originally built by William the Conqueror.

It’s the stunning view you get of the historic city of York that makes Clifford’s Tower one of the most popular attractions in Yorkshire. There’s plenty to discover here. In its time, the tower has served as a prison and a royal mint, as well as the place where Henry VIII had the bodies of his enemies put on public display.

York Castle in the City of York, England, is a fortified complex comprising of a sequence of castles, prisons, law courts and other buildings on the south side of the River Foss. It is sometimes referred to as Clifford's Tower, the now ruinous keep of the medieval Norman castle which was built originally on the orders of William I in order to dominate the former Viking City of York. The castle suffered a tumultuous early history before developing into a major fortification with extensive water defences. After a major explosion in 1684 rendered the remaining military defences uninhabitable, York Castle continued to be used as a gaol and prison until 1929.

The first Motte and Bailey castle on the site was built in 1068 following the Norman conquest of York. After the destruction of the castle by rebels and a Viking army in 1069, York Castle was rebuilt including a moat and an artificial lake. York Castle formed an important...


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