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Danby High Moor
Guisborough, North York Moors

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Fat Betty

Situated in the heart of the North York Moors National Park, at 405 meters above the adjacent and beautiful Danby Dale, lies the wild and windswept area of Danby High Moor.

The heather covered moors are wonderful for walking and cycling as the tranquility of the area is only broken by the occasional bleating of sheep which graze here during the summer months.

The moors form the third highest point in the North York National Park and are on the famous Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk. Alongside the footpaths there are interesting landmarks which indicate where ancient burial mounds were positioned. A huge white stone cross known as ‘Fat Betty' marks one of the highest points and the Millenium Stone stands at the junction of Danby High Moor and Westerdale Moor. There is abundant wildlife to seek out and observe on the moor and it is an ideal place for bird watching.

In the valley below is the picturesque village of Botton which has a number of small shops, a large modern tea room and plenty for visitors to see and enjoy. Round walks from the centre take in some of the sights including beautiful colourful gardens bursting with flowers and plants, the unusual wooden church, Botton Head Lake and a stunning herb garden. The countryside here is made up of woodlands and a patchwork of fields and meadows hedged by traditional dry stone walls and scattered with lovely farm buildings. There are a number of organic farms which sell their fresh produce at the...


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