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Eden Camp
Malton, North York Moors

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Eden Camp is a unique, interactive working museum which is entirely dedicated to World War 2. The fascinating story of the war is told in a series of huts with exhibitions which take visitors back in time in a starkly realistic experience.  

Take a trip back to Wartime to Experience the sights, smells and sounds of the war. This original Prisoner of War camp will transport you back in time, to make you feel that you are there, taking part in history.

The museum first opened to the public on 21st March 1987 and comprised of 10 huts, equipped to tell the story of World War Two through the use of sights, sounds and smells. The museum slowly developed and displays were constantly being added too covering not only life on the Front Line, but also the Home Front. It was Stan's intention to pay tribute to all people from the Forces, to women in the factories, school children and people at home.

From 1990 to 1995 a series of 6 huts were opened (Huts 24-29) to create a "museum within a museum." These huts are each dedicated to tell the political and military events of World War Two from around the world, for each year of the war. During 1992 a prefab was constructed, along with a "Dig for Victory" garden to show how post-war housing was developed. Along side the prefab a memorial garden can be found.

In 2000 Hut 13 was redesigned to cover all post-World War Two conflicts that British Forces personnel were involved in. A further diversification from World War Two is Hut 11, which opened in 2001, telling the story of World War One. The new millennium also heralded the refurbishment and expansion of Hut 18, The War News Reading room, where the front page of a newspaper from every day of the war...


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Eden Camp
North Yorkshire
YO17 6RT
01653 697 777

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