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Everley Loop Mountain Bike Route
Scarborough, Yorkshire Coast

Details for Everley Loop Mountain Bike Route

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Everley Loop Mountain Bike Route is a perfect trip out for families and groups. Taking in the wonderful scenery, gentle forest tracks and bridleways away from the traffic, and with refreshments available en route, it is ideal. 

An easy, short cycle route near to Scarborough, North yorkshire which ends at a pleasant country hotel. Ideal for all the family.Distance: 13.7 miles

Start: Everley Hotel, near Scarborough
Time: Around 2 hours, depending on conditions

Park on road outside the Everley Hotel and set off west along the road towards Hackness. At the hamlet at the road junction, turn left on the road sign posted for the ‘Forest Drive'. Continue in the same direction ignoring a side road for Troutsdale. Two miles from the start there will be a road to the right heading uphill sign posted for ‘Broxa'. Take this road and climb it to the village of Broxa.

Carry on along the same road northward until the surface changes to gravel at the start of the forest. Two miles after going into the forest, you will see a view over the moors to the left as the track runs along the top of a hill. After a further mile the track meets a road by a small car park at Reasty Hill Top. On weekends there is often a snack van here.

Slightly further east of the car-park is a track on the right. Look for the wheelie bins if you are unsure you have found the right track. Turn down this track for 300 yards until a track to the right can be seen. Follow this smaller track down into the woods. Three quarter of a mile from where you joined the smaller track, there will be a bridleway to the right at SE 954 936. The trees have recently been cut and replanted, so...


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