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Falconry UK Birds of Prey Centre
Thirsk, Vale of York

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The Falconry UK Birds of Prey Centre based in Thirsk is a spectacular day out for all the family. Feel the excitement as these magnificent birds take to the skies and return time and time again. Experience the thrill of handling them for yourself! 

There is something mystical and magical when you watch how man and birds of prey interact together and when there is 30 species to choose from, it really is quite a spectacle.

Thirsk in North Yorkshire is the place to go for a very different day out and the Conservation Centre was set up not only to ensure the safety and continuity of these rare birds, but to allow the public to get up close to these magnificent creatures.

There will be eagles, falcons, hawks, owls, vultures, all of these will fly around you under the strict eye of their masters of course, all you have to do is sit back in the lovely garden surroundings and watch them soar high above you. Twice a day, 11.30am and 15.30pm, flying displays are put on and different birds are used in each display, you will be informed all about the birds and also a handling display is held, bring your camera and take Granny with the Vulcans.

If our feathered friends have a special place in your heart, why not sponsor one, you would have a plaque with your name on that particular bird's enclosure and of course your fee would cover the cost of feeding the bird for a year, sounds like a very good thing to do.

Birds and photography go together and classes are held in the evening for you to improve your photographic skills, by taking pictures of the birds whilst still, or in flight, the handlers will set them in flight for you.

There really is so much to see and do and be a part of at the...


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Falconry UK Birds of Prey Centre
Sion Hill Hall
Kirby Wiske
North Yorkshire
01845 587522

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