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Gisborough Moors
Guisborough, North York Moors

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Guisborough Priory

Gisborough Moors form part of the North York Moors National Park and are situated to the south west of Middlesbrough. The moors are fantastic walking, climbing and cycling country and offer visitors the chance to explore some of the most breathtaking countryside and historic sites.

The view from the rocky Highcliff Nab, looking down across Gisborough is magnificent. There is abundant wildlife and wonderful scenery to be found along this part of the moors and along the Cleveland Way, which crosses the flat hill top paths. There is an annual fell race which takes place during April and brings in a large number of visitors to the area.

The footpaths here are wide and well worn, with a few stone boundary posts and a 1st World War memorial sited directly on the path, in memory of two former shepherds of the Gisborough Estate. The National Trust manages several properties and visitor attractions close to the moors, including Ormesby Hall.

The market town of Gisborough has its share of historic interest, not least with the ruins of the once magnificent Gisborough Priory. The ancient remains of the church are an English Heritage site and a great visitor attraction, dominating the landscape and offering an insight into the lives of the Augustinians and Scottish Kings. There is also a museum in the town which houses interesting exhibitions and historical displays. Gisborough town holds regular markets where the hustle and bustle of the colourful stalls fills the cobbled streets twice a week. Visitors can enjoy the numerous shops and...


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