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Hornsea, Yorkshire Coast

Details for Holderness

Lying between the Wolds, North Sea and the Humber estuary is the roughly triangular-shaped, flat coastal region of Holderness, an area of rich sheep pastures.A stunning coastal area just waiting to be explored.

In the middle ages this was a wealthy area, as can be seen from the number of exceptionally large and fine churches that preside over what are now quite small places. Particularly impressive are the churches at Hedon and Patrington, known respectively as the “King and Queen of Holderness”.

The finest churches of all are to be found in the delightful and historic town of Beverely, whose skyline is filled not only by the the towers of its magnificent minister but also by the almost equally impressive St. Marys Church.

Much of the wealth of these towns came from river trade but in time the many small ports along the Humber and it tributaries – both on the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire banks of the river – were eclipsed by Edward I’s new town of Kingston (King’s Town), built at the confluence of the Humber and Hull. This is the home of the largest parish church in the whole of England, and over the centuries Hull developed into one of the world’s greatest fishing ports.

The flat coast of Holderness has a number of sandy beaches, and in Victorian times rail links with Hull and other large cities of Yorkshire led to the development of small seaside resorts at Withernsea and Hornsea. The major resorts were further north,...


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