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Intrepid Pursuits
Thirsk, North York Moors

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Intrepid Pursuits offers a great range of outdoor activities, under expert supervision. All the courses are tailored to suit individual needs, ages and abilities and aim to include all the fun and excitement you can handle! 

Intrepid Pursuits was founded to enable people from all walks of life to have the opportunity to do something adventurous.  

Why choose us?
All of our courses are based on three principles: Adventure, Safety and Learning.

All courses will contain an element of adventure and risk. Our staff will guide you through the activity allowing you to experience the full adventure and develop your own experiences to draw from in the future.

Safety is paramount in any Intrepid Pursuits course. Our experienced instructors will again guide you through the activity in the safest way possible. We aim for you to learn about safety as you go, in a controlled manner.

Our biggest aim is that you will learn the skills needed to go out and have adventures for yourselves. Therefore everything you do while on a course with us will be based around your needs, decisions and actions.

By putting these principles together with our substantial experience you are in for a demanding course, custom made to develop you as adventurers and instructors of the future.

Activities / Courses:

Whether you are after the basics or want to devlop existing skills our water sports courses are the answer. Our experienced and talented coaches will...


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Intrepid Pursuits
Westbourne Cottage
Station Road
North Yorkshire
01845 574097

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