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Lyke Wake Walk Club
Osmotherley, Northallerton, North York Moors

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Map of the Lyke Wake Walk

The Lyke Wake Club was formed originally in 1955, and closed in 2005 but has reopened again to welcome new members. All comers who have taken on the challenge and completed the walk can join and enter into the fun and events with which it is associated. 

The Lyke Wake Walk is a forty-mile crossing of the North York Moors from Osmotherley to Ravenscar essentially following the line of the watershed across the moors at its widest point. Symbolised by its famous Coffin emblem, the walk and Club as set out by the late Bill Cowley in 1955 lives on.

Bill originated the concept of the walk with an open challenge in the Dalesman in August 1955 to cross the moors on foot from West to East within 24 hours. At noon on 1st October that year, 10 men and 3 women set out to perform a crossing reaching Ravenscar around 10.30 the next day. The Lyke Wake Club was born (derived from ‘Wake’ – watching over a corpse, ‘Lyke’ – the corpse itself). Anyone having completed, or even attempted the Lyke Wake Walk will be very familiar with its association with the theme of death! The emblem of the coffin associated with the Lyke Wake walk is no accident – and is, of course, totally appropriate as only those who have completed the walk will be fully aware.

Despite the fact that the Original Lyke Wake Club decided to close in October 2005, a number of current members believed that it is far too early for it to form the filling of a new tumulus on the North York Moors and, in line with current political thinking, formed the New Lyke Wake Club in order to maintain one of Britain’s oldest open challenge walks and the somewhat eccentric traditions of the ‘Wakes’, Degrees and...


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