Mulgrave Castle
Sandsend, Whitby, Yorkshire Coast

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Mulgrave Castle

Mulgrave Castle stands proudly amidst stunning woodlands near the town of Whitby. The castle was built in the 1300's and is a Mott and Bailey construction. It has seen many changes over the centuries but still commands a great deal of interest as a visitor attraction.

In an extensive and beautifully wooded park stands the elegant Mulgrave Castle, near Whitby on the stunning Heritage North Yorkshire Coast.

Mulgrave Castle is an interesting 13th century stone enclosure fortress, sitting astride a high ridge. The buttressed curtain wall forms a revetment around the large flat bailey, which is also flanked by a gatehouse with solid drum towers, a small 14th century square tower and two mural towers. In the middle of the bailey is an unusual square 13th century tower house, which in 1300 was converted into a keep, by the addition of circular corner towers and then in the 16th century large Elizabethan mullioned windows were added.

Mulgrave Castle
East Yorkshire

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