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Fishing at Scaling Dam
Saltburn by the Sea, Yorkshire Coast

Details for Fishing at Scaling Dam

Scaling Dam

Scaling Dam fishery has everything you need for a fine days fishing with the family. The visitor centre and tackle shop stock a range of refreshments, fishing supplies and bait. There is also a choice of water sports on offer. 

Scaling Dam is adjacent to the A171 between Guisborough and Whitby, easy access and car parking makes Scaling a very popular fishery. It is also relatively small at 42 hectares (105 acres) and is shallow with a maximum depth of 9 metres (30ft).

Scaling Dam is a fly fishery but also permits worm fishing so is ideal for family days out.

With a lodge and visitor centre at Scaling, offering basic tackle, confectionery and hot and cold drinks available on site it makes a very convenient place to enjoy a full days fishing.

The shallow water has plenty of natural food and only a small coarse fish population thus sustaining a healthy environment for the fish. Half of the fishing area is dam and the view across the water to the North York Moors makes Scaling a very pleasant place to fish.

Scaling is re-stocked regularly with young fish, but with a sprinkling of larger fish also. Some fish also over-winter at Scaling, which are a welcome bonus.

Scaling also contains a population of pike which are growing year on year, these can be targeted by the pike fly angler, or by more traditional methods. If you wish to fish with large plugs or dead baits ask at the lodge for a £10 pike permit.

Toilets, parking, a fishing jetty, a hearing loop and wide door access are available for disabled users.

Scaling also has a full range of other water sports including sailing and wind surfing.


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