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Scarborough Mere
Scarborough, Yorkshire Coast

Details for Scarborough Mere

Scarborough Mere fishing lake lies in the Olivers Mount Country Park and offers excellent course fishing to visiting anglers. The surrounding area is tranquil and wooded and the lake itself is well stocked with a good variety of fish. 

Scarborough Mere course fishery offers excellant sport for all the family. Day tickets are available and the water is open all year round. There is also good disabled access.

Scarborough Mere is a natural lake in the Weaponness Valley, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England.

Formerly measuring 40 acres (160,000 m2) in area, the construction of the York and North Midland Railway line from York to Scarborough bisected the Mere in 1845. Due to that and other factors, including drainage and landscaping, the surface area of the lake is now approximately 16 acres (65,000 m2).

The Mere is now part of the Oliver's Mount Country Park, and is managed by the Scarborough Mere Angling Club as a fishing lake, with the southern end used by waterskiers.

Fish: Roach to 1lb+, Rudd, Bream to 7lb+, Tench to 10lb, Carp to 34lb+, Pike to 30lb+. The Yatch lake is restocked with approx. 700lb. stock each year.

Scarborough Mere
Seamer Road
North Yorkshire
01723 374017

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