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Shandy Hall
Hambleton, York, Vale of York

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Shandy Hall, home of Laurence Sterne
The Barn garden, Shandy Hall

Shandy Hall is a unique museum dedicated to the life and works of Laurence Sterne. Visitors can explore his works and see his original manuscripts and illustrations. With a craft shop, book shop and delightful gardens to visit this is a most pleasant family day out.

Shandy Hall was the home of Laurence Sterne from 1760 until his death in 1768. Here he wrote ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. Serialised on Radio 4 (2005) and now adapted for the screen by Michael Winterbottom ('A Cock and Bull Story' starring Steve Coogan) this novel is as fresh today as it was when it scandalised London in the late 18th century.

Laurence Sterne created his masterpiece, Tristram Shandy, which brilliantly plays with the conventions of narrative, in this beautiful house on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Thirty years ago Shandy Hall was rescued for the future by the Laurence Sterne Trust and is a registered museum, housing the world's finest collection of Sterne's works, letters, illustrations and ephemera. The house is small but its resonance is large and it attracts visitors, enthusiasts and academics from around the world.

Some houses are built like fictions, and are even built of fictions. Shandy Hall is just such a house, and that is why there is no better way to come to know the spirit of Sterne than by visiting it.


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Shandy Hall
North Yorkshire
YO60 4AD

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