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Whitby Abbey
Whitby, Yorkshire Coast

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Whitby Abbey Ruins
Whitby Abbey

The most recognised landmark of the coastal town of Whitby has to be the imposing Whitby Abbey. Standing on top of the cliffs above the pretty harbour looking down on the town. The stunning stone remains have a long and interesting history. 

Whitby Abbey is one of the most historically significant landmarks on the North Yorkshire coast. Standing guard on the clifftops with commanding views, overlooking the picturesque harbour town of Whitby.

This quiet spot was once a bustling settlement at the heart of a sophisticated modern town. Founded in AD657 by St Hilda, the Abbey is a potent symbol of the considerable power of the early church.

In 2000 a section of the cliff north of the Abbey fell into the sea, prompting a rescue excavation to save important archaeological remains. A new Visitor Centre interprets these remains and explores what life at the Abbey would once have been like.

The visitor centre welcomes parties and groups wishing to gain an insight into this fascinating history A fantastic place to visit and an interesting family day out.


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Whitby Abbey
Abbey lane
North Yorkshire
YO22 4JT
+44 (0) 870 333 1181

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