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Dalby Forest
Pickering, North York Moors

Details for Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest is located on the southern fringe of the North York Moors National Park, and covers 8000 acres of land with plenty to enjoy for everyone. The forest is divided into a number of valleys which has created a 'Rigg and Dale' landscape, with springs running from north to south through the forest.

The woodland is mainly comprised of pines and spruces but there are also beech, alder, ash, oak and hazel, creating a wonderful and diverse wildlife habitat. Dalby Forest is home to many birds including the crossbill and is visited in the summer by the mysterious nightjar, badgers and roe deer are commonly seen wandering in the forest. Dalby Forest history was originally shaped by the inhabitants of the Bronze Age, and changes continue through to the present day, it is defiantly an area well worth a visit.

Dalby Forest can be accessed via Thornton-le-Dale on the A170 Helmsley to Scarborough road. Access can also been gained from the north of Scarborough through Langdale End and Hackness. There is a nine mile drive around the forest which allows the visitor to appreciate this beautiful landscape at its best. From the forest drive there are numerous play areas, picnic areas where the use of bbq's are allowed, and walking and cycling trails which can be easily accessed, perfect for a family day out. If it’s a quiet trip you’re after then there are plenty of tranquil corners in which to sit back and...


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