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Flamborough Head
Bridlington, Yorkshire Coast

Details for Flamborough Head

Flamborough Head is a stunning sweep of towering white chalk cliffs along the east coast of Yorkshire, jutting out into the North Sea.

The village of Flamborough is set between the seaside towns of Bridlington and Filey and is dominated by two lighthouses, one being a striking and magnificent 92 feet high lighthouse standing proudly on the promenade, which can be seen from a distance of 21miles out to sea. Sailors have long been protected by its 3.5 million candle powered beams. There is also the original octagonal lighthouse, thought to have been built in the 17th century and the oldest surviving lighthouse in England.

The rugged rocky coast here is peppered with caves and hidden coves. Stories of pirates, shipwrecks and smuggling have a great and intriguing part to play in the town's history and some of the original cottages still have smugglers cupboards, known as ‘smugglers holes'. Fishing is a traditional pastime of Flamborough and either side of the village there are fishing bays where some of the old cobble boats can still be seen in operation.

High up on the cliff tops there is an exhilarating walk along a well trodden path, from which the views are breathtaking. Visitors flock to see the amazing bird life at Bempton Cliffs, an RSPB nature reserve where hundreds of sea birds have made their nests, one of the all time favourites being the Atlantic Puffin. ...


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