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Lyke Wake Walk
Osmotherley, Northallerton, North York Moors

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Sunset Over Osmotherley

One of a number of excellent walks through the North York Moors is the Lyke Wake Walk. Taking in the stunning scenery and the exhilarating fresh air, this walk ends at the coastal town of Ravenscar. A wonderful way of spending a holiday. 

Try walking the Lyke Wake Walk and enjoy the beautiful North Yorkshire Scenery. The Lyke Wake Walk crosses the North York Moors and is about 40 miles in length. It starts at Scarth Wood Moor near Osmotherley and ends on the east coast at Ravenscar.

It was originally started by Bill Cowley a local farmer, in 1955. He claimed that he could walk the forty miles over the North Yorkshire Moors without stepping on anything other than heather moorland, and the exception of crossing a couple of roads. He then challenged others to try to complete the walk in less than 24hrs, and the challenge was accepted with enthusiasm by many walkers.

Length: The walk is 42miles long, although to join the Lyke Wake Club you have to complete it in under 24hrs. A far less strenuous way is to stop somewhere overnight en-route and enjoy the scenery as you go.

Direction: Most people walk the route from Osmotherley to Ravenscar, but it is just as easy to do it in the opposite direction.

Dogs: Dogs are allowed on the Lyke Wake Walk, so long as they are kept under close control. A lead is recommended on lengths such as the moorland stretches where there can be nesting birds.

Accommodation: There is plenty of accommodation along the route from B&B's to camping!

Best Time of Year: As with all walks on the North Yorkshire Moors, if you want to see the heather moorland...


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