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North York Moors Farmers Markets
Pickering, North York Moors

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Whitby looking east

Farmers markets are the place to find all the best quality goods and produce, and there is nowhere better than the North York Moors. There are numerous markets to visit and the range of goods on offer is seemingly endless. The perfect place to find and take home a true piece if Yorkshire.

Visit one of the several farmers markets in the North York Moors, North Yorkshire and try some quality local food at great value.All food sold at farmers markets are grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked and smoked within the North Yorkshire Moors & surrounding areas.

The range of goods available on the markets vary greatly. Homemade sausages, bread, cakes, scones, fruit pies and other baked produce; yogurt and cheeses or even Buffalo meat are just a snippet of what you might see. There is also a great place to pick up organic fruit and vegetables if you need to top up your vitamins. Even if you don’t want to buy any Moors produce it’s a great place to get a flavour for the area and meet local people.

Farmers Markets in the North Yorkshire Moors:

Castle Howard
Phone Sue on: 01609 532 233

When? - 2nd Saturday of month 10am - 3pm
Where? - Market Square
Phone Ann on: 01287 651 601

When? - The 2nd Saturday in every month
Where? - The Market Place, (near St Peter's Church), Malton
Phone Andrew on: 01751 473780

Malton (Indoor Farmers Market)
When? – The last Saturday in every month
Where? - The Sheep Shed, Cattle Market, Malton
Phone Dave on: 01653 692151

When? - 4th Wednesday of month 8am - 3.30pm
Where? - High...


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