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North Yorkshire Moors Bird Watching
Pickering, North York Moors

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Bempton Cliffs
Flamborough Head

The North York Moors and surrounding areas are a haven for birds and wildlife. The diverse landscape offers ideal nesting and breeding conditions for hundreds of sea birds, waders and rare species of migrating small birds. It is the perfect place for a spot of birdwatching.

There are superb places for all bird watching enthusiasts in the North York Moors and North Yorkshire area.

North York Moors Bird Watching:
The North Yorkshire Moors National Park is an ideal place to visit if you enjoy bird watching. This wide rural area is home to many different species of birds including Marlin, Red Grouse, Ring Ouzel, Honey Buzzards (in some of the wooded areas), Dippers (around various streams), plus a wide variety of other species in the lower regions.

Bird Watching in the Aire Valley:
Just South of the North Yorkshire Moors is an area know as Aire Valley. Approximately 15 miles SW of York, despite being a slightly industrial area,there are some great bird watching sites. This includes an RSPB reserve at Fairburn nr Castleford just off the A1, which has plenty of water areas. Another place with extensive water sites is New Swillington Ings, near Oulton, Leeds. Both typically attract a good number of common water birds, and also some rarer species.

Bird Watching Along The East Coast:
The North Yorkshire Moors end along the Eastern Coast where moors meet the sea along a rugged coastline, making the Yorkshire Coast one of the most scenic areas in the country. During breeding season, Bempton Cliffs, just North of Flamborough, is home to one the UK’s premium seabird colonies. The East Coast is rich in wildlife, perhaps more so...


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