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North Yorkshire Moors Wildlife
Pickering, North York Moors

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Grass Snake
Blackbird Chick

The North York Moors is an area rich in wildlife. The diverse areas of landscape include the dense shrubbery of the moors and wide expanses of coastline with sand dunes and wetlands, which all make perfect habitats for birds, insects and small mammals. 

There is an amazing array of wildlife to spot in the North Yorkshire Moors area. The North Yorkshire Moors is made up of a great variety of landscapes; this means that there is a wide diversity of flora and fauna living in different habitats.

The moorland areas of the North York Moors are dominated by heather and bracken, which often covers the moor edges. The moorland is recognised internationally as an important breeding ground for our smallest raptor the Merlin. Other species common to the moorland areas are Ring Ouzel, Lapwing, Red Grouse, Golden Plover, Curlew and Adder.

The shorelines are the richest areas for wildlife. Here, there is a huge variety of plant and animal life, the numbers of each species of which are staggering. On one square metre of rock there could be up to 30,000 barnacles alone! Grasslands in the North Yorkshire Moors support a range of butterflies, birds and wild flowers. Water vole and otters live on the rivers throughout the North York Moors National Park and there are numerous species of invertebrates that inhabit the rivers which the thriving bird and fish life feed on.

The stunning Heritage Yorkshire coast is a fantastic place for bird watching - especially at Bempton Cliffs.


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