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Pickering, North York Moors

Details for Rosedale

Rosedale with its stunning Abbey is set in the picturesque North York Moors National Park and offers tourists and holiday makers an abundance of stunning moorland scenery, beautiful walks and sheer tranquillity.

The picturesque valley which follows the route of the River Severn has numerous walks and trails to follow. Why not meander down to the village of Rosedale which has plenty of shops, pubs and cafes on offer. Also close to Rosedale village you can visit historic Rosedale Abbey, tucked deep into Rosedale Valley and set in breathtaking scenery it’s no wonder that the Cistercians chose this spot for their 12th century priory.

If you feel like more of a hike then follow the trail to Rosedale Chimney Bank, or the Lyke Wake Walk is also an excellent way to soak up the scenery and see the diverse flora, fauna and sheer beauty of Rosedale.

The area is ideal for cycling and pony trekking with numerous bridleways and cycle tracks to choose from.

Rosedale was formerly known for its ironstone mining. Traces of the original mines can still be seen today, where the bridge with its 16 arches spectacularly sweep from one side of the valley to the other. The 19th Century railway line that once served the ironstone mines stretches 18 miles providing safe ideal routes for walkers and cyclists.

Rosedale Valley is easily accessible from all of North Yorkshires major cities, market towns and coastal...


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